Profil Board of Commissioner (BOC)

Syaiful Amir, SE, Ak.- The main commissioner

Indonesian citizen, born in Padang on May 22, 1939. He earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Economics and Accounting at the University of Indonesia and holds a PhD (Dr) from Trisakti University.He began his career as an employee of PT Fertilizer Sriwidjaya (PUSRI) Limited in the years 1973-1982, and then served as Director of Finance and Commercial PT Pupuk Kujang (Persero) in 1982-1990.Subsequently served as Finance Director of PT Fertilizer Sriwidjaya (PUSRI) Limited in the year 1990-1995, President Director of PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur, Tbk in 1995-2001, President Director of PT Citra Mulia Power in 2002-2010, Commissioner of PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia , Tbk from 2003-2006, President Director of PT Panca Amara Utama in 2007-2008, Commissioner of PT Al Ijarah Indonesia Finance in 2008-2012, and since November 2012 as President Commissioner of PT Bank Dinar Indonesia Tbk today.Throughout the career several times negotiating with foreign parties such as negotiating with IBRD loan, the Saudi Fund, and the Asian Development Bank, and KFW Germany.Meanwhile, since 1974 has been actively participating in various educational, and symposium held both abroad and domestically.Of the 12 study followed five of them abroad, among others, is Accounting TFC in Japan, then in 1977 following the Management Institute Of The Philippines in the Philippines, in 1979 following the education Risk Management in Florida, USA, in 1982 following the education Senior Executive Program Paris France and finally in 2005 received a certificate from the Agency Risk Management Certificate in Singapore.



Haryono Waskito - Independent Commissioner

Indonesian citizen, born in Tangerang in 1943, completing a Bachelor of Laws in 1971. He started his career at Bank Indonesia in 1968 in the Economic Section of General / Economic Affairs and Statistics (ures).During his career at Bank Indonesia, the various positions and positions have lived and most recently served as the Superintendent of Banks in UPwB1 1999. Subsequently, served as Director of Compliance of PT Bank Prasidha Main in May 2000-October 2000. Since late 2000 joined PT Bank Dinar Indonesia Tbk and currently serves as an Independent Commissioner.





Efen Main Linga - Independent Commissioner

Indonesian citizen, born in Louth January 13, 1965, holds a degree in Economics from the University Jayabaya in 1989. He started his career at PT Astra Motor Sales in the year 1988-1990.The world's first banking career at Bank Surya in 1990-1993, Bank Artha Graha in 1993-1996, in 1996-2003 Harda Bank, Bank Alfindo / PT Bank National Nobu, Tbk (Bank Nobu) served as Director of Business in 2003-2013, and joined PT Bank Dinar Indonesia Tbk serving as Independent Commissioner since 2013 until today.