Tabungan SimPel

SimPel is a savings account for students nationally published by banks in Indonesia, with very simple and simple requirements and very interesting features, in order to educate and financial inclusion to encourage a culture of saving from an early age.

Benefits of Saving on SimPel
- The name of the account listed is the name of the student.
- Free administration fee.

Benefits of Saving on SimPel
- Growing a culture of saving.
- Providing financial education about savings products.
- Train financial management early on.
- Make it easy for parents to control child expenses.

Features of SimPel
- Currency: Rupiah
- Initial deposit: Rp 5.000,00
- Next deposit: Rp 1,000.00
- Administration Fee: Free / Free
- Minimum Balance: Rp 5.000,00
- Account Closing Fee: Rp 5.000,00

General Terms and Conditions

- Individual savings for students Indonesian citizens
- Intended for students of early childhood, kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, madrasah or  

  equivalent, who are under 17 years old and not yet have ID card.
- Account opening is done through cooperation between school and Bank. The form of cooperation is adjusted to the policies of each bank.

- One student  is only allowed to have one Simple account in one same bank.
- Not allowed for joint account (JOINT Account)
- Parents / guardians may authorize schools or other parties to open a SimPel account.
- Schools can work with more than one bank.
- Transactions of withdrawal, deposit and transfer of books can be served in schools and all office networks according to the policies of each bank.
- Account and transaction opening requirements refer to the Bank's individual SimPel procedures.

Terms of Opening
- Photocopy of identity card of parent / guardian, family card, birth certificate and NISN.
- A completed and approved form by the parent / guardian of the student
- Submit the form and all requirements to the school.