Audit Committee

The Audit Committee members are as follows:


Nugroho Sulistyo Waluyo

Born in Sokaraja, August 25, 1953. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from Trisakti University in 1983. He started his career as a Junior Auditor in KAP Hanadi Prog & Partner in 1978, served as Internal Auditor at Bank International Indonesia (BII) in 1983. Year 1986 - 1991 served as Chief of the Division of Accounting in Internas Artha Leasing. Year 1991 - 1999 served as a Head of Credit Division at Bank CIC. Year 1999 - 2000 served as the Head of Internal Audit at Bank CIC. In 2003 - 2004 served as Internal Auditor at PT Asuransi Karyamas. In 2005 as a supervisor in the Cooperative Shariah Attia. He currently serves as a Member of the Committee on Bank Dinar.



Born in Bogor, September 13, 1966. He earned a Bachelor's degree from the University Suryadharma in 2010. Active in various tax seminars. Starting his career as a Staff Accounting in the Main Prasidha Bank in 1992. He has served as Assistant Audit in 1998 at Drs. Arifin Faqih. Dinar Bank joined in 2003 as a Staff Accounting. Serving as Audit Committee and Risk Monitoring Committee since 2008.